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I was experiencing severe sciatic

I was experiencing severe sciatic pain in my leg and after months of physical therapy and two lumbar injections my health care professionals recommended getting an updated MRI and a surgical consultation. They recommended Dr. Sekhon and I will be forever thankful for that referral. Dr. Sekhon’s office staff was professional and thorough in preparing me for my first visit. I met with Dr. Sekhon and was immediately put at ease. He had completely reviewed my case in advance and was prepared to discuss my condition and options. Surgery was determined the best course of action. Dr. Sekhon walked me entirely through the surgery process and my confidence in him grew. It is now 7 weeks since surgery and I am fully pain free. I can’t thank Dr. Sekhon enough for all he did in giving me my life back.

Mrs. M.J.

I was very satisfied with

I was very satisfied with my consultation with Dr. Sekhon. He is extremely knowledgeable on LSS and other neck & back problems, plus I do like the fact that he likes to use the conservative approach in treatment. I will definitely be back to see him in the future. His recommendations to me for the treatment for my very painful LSS have been very useful & they have definitely helped relieve me of the very acute pain that I was in.

Mr. H.G.

Thank you Dr. Sekhon for

Thank you Dr. Sekhon for your great surgical skill doing my neck fusion. I woke up in the hospital and all my arm and hand pain was gone. My recovery went very well with very little discomfort. Thank you also for your staff and those who assisted in the surgery. I have told everyone that Dr. Sehkon did my surgery and that I am very pleased with the results. Thanks again

Mark Eldridge

We cannot stress enough how

We cannot stress enough how wonderful our experience with Doctor Sekhon and his staff was. When we first came in we were overwhelmed and more than a little scared. Doctor Sekhon presented us with all the information of what was going on with our case in a manner that was very easy to understand. The surgery was a complete success and we could not be happier with the care before, during, and after provided to us by Dr. Sekhon and his entire staff. Everyone has been just terrific. Doctor Sekhon and his offices come with our highest recommendations and our deepest gratitude.

Mr. JD

Office staff was very helpful

Office staff was very helpful and professional, they took care of all my insurance and disability claims for me. They were helpful when ever I called, I am very happy with my treatment.

Mrs. A.W.

Dear Dr. Sekhon,Thank you for

Dear Dr. Sekhon,
Thank you for performing a successful surgery on me. You are a very caring doctor and I deeply appreciate that.
May Robinson

May Robinson

My entire experience with Dr.

My entire experience with Dr. Sekhon, and his staff, from beginning to now has been terrific. As a Registered Nurse working in the Trauma ICU I have worked with all kinds of physicians and surgeons alike, so I am very confident in saying that Dr. Sekhon genuinely cares about what each individual patient is going through. He always took the time to be PRESENT and ATTENTIVE during my appointments; there were times that I went into my appointment feeling like there was no hope for relief but he had such an optimistic/realistic outlook on all the treatment recommendations. Whether or not someone experiences his surgical skills they can always depend on his sympathetic, reasonable, and knowledgeable opinion. Thank you Dr. Sekhon, Lisa, and the rest of the great staff at Sierra Neurosurgery.


After several months of pain

After several months of pain and loss of function in my right leg and several visits to a variety of medical responses I finally got my primary care doctor / insurance company to get an MRI. This drew an immediate response and a quick referral to Dr Sekhon the next day, it was a Thursday, he took one look at the MRI and looked me straight in the eye “this need to be fixed now” was his response. Ok, I was in pain and ready for anything. I had surgery the next Monday, that’s four days. Dr Sekhon was serious as I understand getting on a surgical calendar usually takes longer than that. Also my insurance company had taken Friday off and approval was not received until the morning of surgery and Dr Sekhon was ready to call it an emergency, fortunately that did not happen.
My recovery has been speedy and visits to his office pleasant and efficient and both Dr Sekhon and Lisa answered my questions to my satisfaction.

Craig McAllister

I’m 73 years old and

I’m 73 years old and in excellent health. I began having severe leg pains about 3 years ago and after several options with medical and orthopedic personnel I was recommended to Dr. Sekhon. I was diagnosed with lower lumbar Spinoza. With Dr. Sekhon’s help we exhausted all avenues PRIOR to surgery. Surgery was the last option and it will be nine weeks since surgery (laminectomy) on the 30th of July (today is the 28th). I have been in physical therapy for two weeks and am making GREAT strides towards complete recovery. There has been NO indication of the previous pain at all! I am very grateful to Dr. Sekhon and his wonderful staff for giving me, what I feel, a second chance to peruse my busy, active life!!!

Paul Vanos
Minden, NV

The day my family doctor

The day my family doctor referred me to Dr. Sekhon was by and large one of the best days of my life. On first meeting him you are convinced that he is an expert in his field but it isn’t long after that you become aware of the truly human side of him.
I have quality reinstated in my life where prior I could only think of losing motor skills, pain and other issues related to my condition. Dr. Sekhon made me an expert on me and educated me on what options and controls I had in improving my situation.
I have referred Dr. Sekhon to no fewer than a dozen friends and co-workers who were desperate for the quality of medical care that I feel only a handful of surgeons are prepared and qualified to give in this country. I can’t speak for the globe but I can speak for my homeland.
Saying thank you to Dr. Sekhon and his staff doesn’t say enough. But until there a better works

Laura Love