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It’s been one year since

It’s been one year since i had surgery on my neck….things are wonderful. I had 2 vertebrae replaced and 3 disk fused. It took awhile for my body to figure out what happened. The muscles in my shoulder area had been supporting my neck for so long they were not sure what their job was now. Everything now is wonderful, I can garden all day and not pay for it at night. Thanks so much Dr. Sehkon for your wonderful care….and Lisa for your wonderful energy….This is the place to be if you need help with spine problems. P.S. also had carpal tunnel operation on right hand in November….my hand is now perfect, can knit with the best of them

Linda Fast
Gardnerville, Nevada

As a Family Physician practicing

As a Family Physician practicing in Reno for 16 years it is comforting to know we have a trusted and competent Neurosurgeon in Dr. Sekhon. When I send patients to him I know they are getting the best care. We are so fortunate to have him here in Reno. Thank you, Lali!


When I was referred to

When I was referred to Dr. Lali Sekhon by my family physician, Patricia Levan, M.D., I went with jangled nerves. I learned as soon as I met Dr. Sekhon that I need not have worried. I found that Dr. Levan’s referral to Dr. Sekhon was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I loved Dr. Sekhon and every single person in his group. If I telephoned the office with a question, I always got a rapid response, and they greeted me with a smile when I arrived for an appointment.

Dr. Sekhon did a thorough examinatin of me and my spine the first time I saw him. Each time I saw him thereafter, he explained things to me verbally, showed me what was happening to my neck by using a model that disassembled, and sent me home with comprehensive written information regarding the surgery he would be performing if it became necessary. I received illustrations, info on each person in the office, including Lisa, his super assistant, and a paper covering 50 consecutive surgeries including demographics and outcomes — following these patients for ten years.

Any referrals Dr. Sekhon made were to doctors I liked very much. I trusted them; they were professional. Eventually, after as many conservative measures as he could try, I underwent a posterior cervical spine decompression and fusion surgery much more extensive than three previous anterior surgeries I had undergone over the last 30 years by three separate doctors.

Here is what occurred after my surgery:

I woke up expecting to be totally miserable, opening one eye and waiting for the pain to hit me. It did not. I had a better experience in the pain department with this surgery than ever — wonderful surprise. I was able to go off pain medication within a short time.

I left the hospital in two days — much faster than any of my other surgeries. I was able to resume my workouts in six weeks and am doing splendidly; my personal trainer agrees.

I do not suffer from the agonizing shooters and zingers that went through my body before the surgery. My husband noticed a couple of weeks after the surgery that I was no longer dropping things. Also, I noticed that a major problem with my balance has pretty much vanished.

Best of all, I have been able to resume the activities of my life that had to wait for awhile.

I would recommend Dr. Sekhon and his group wholeheartedly to anyone who needs a neurosurgeon.

Saloma Steele

I just wanted to let

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and your skills. You have changed my life. Before my surgery, I felt like I was just a shadow of my former self. Now, I’ve got my life back! I think back on those times and they seem like a bad dream. I now look forward to living every day to its fullest.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.


I would like to express

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Sekhon and his staff for the finest surgical and post operative care anyone could hope to receive. The possibility of partial or full paralysis has been removed. Nerve pain and motor control have substantially improved. Returning to work full time in 6 weeks, one could not hope for more.


Its been a year since

Its been a year since you performed surgery on my husband. You may remember him as he arrived in your office in excruciating pain on an ambulance gurney from Quincy. He suffered kidney failure and spent a week in the telemetry ward before you could operate.
I am happy to say, he is doing well a year later with only a few residual problems. You made a huge difference in our lives, as my husband is able to carry the physical load of managing the household as my MS continues to progress leaving me less physically able. So far we are able to stay in our home.
Thank you again for your excellent and compassionate care. I know my husband’s positive outcome is due to your outstanding skills and healthy hands. We have referred you to friends here in Quincy who suffer from similar health issues.
Thank You again for giving my husband’s life back to him. Wishing you good health and happiness.
With gratitude


Dr. Sekhon, Thank you for

Dr. Sekhon, Thank you for being a great surgeon. Mr. DH


i highly recommend Nevada neurosurgery

i highly recommend Nevada neurosurgery ~ dr sehkon is the highest on my list of being very kind and spending the amount of time with patients and explaining in detail everything and the staff are nice too : ) thanks for taking me on as a patient s1-l5 l5-l4 fusion 6 screws 2 plates and cage from dr song ~ but went as a 2nd opinion for a spinal cord simulator the chairs in the office are very comfortable also and the wait time wasn’t very long

Laura Cantrell

I would like to thank

I would like to thank Dr Sekhon and his entire staff for the GREAT job they did educating, advise, and treat me from the beginning to the end. I had 3 Cervical discs fused 7 weeks ago and feel almost as good as new. This is my second surgery done by Dr Sekhon and his staff. Two years ago Dr Sekhon and his PA Lisa preformed 3 Laminectomy on my lower back. Then, I walked into his office with a cane and after surgery I no longer need the cane. Before my neck surgery I couldn’t raise my left arm above my shoulder with out agonizing pain. I am now pretty much pain free and therapy will take care of that. Both times I traveled from Alaska to have Dr Sekhon’s team do the surgery as I was so comfortable with him & his staff. If I need further spine care I will not hesitate to see Dr Sekhon again. I highly recommend Dr Sekhon his staff and surgical team if you need spine surgery.


Mr. JG

Its been three months since

Its been three months since my neck surgery and i want to thank you for your skill, knowledge and all you did to help me return to a normal life. The pain is gone, my neck feels wonderful and I feel like a new person! Thanks again so very much.

Mrs. MK