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Excellent results, very well cared

Excellent results, very well cared for by Dr Sekhon and his capable staff.

Thomas C Bakewell
June 4, 2018

Dr. Sekhon and crew are

Dr. Sekhon and crew are the most professional and courteous staff I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Informative thru out the whole process. I have never felt better.

Russell Hohenberger

My experience was great in

My experience was great in every area. The staff was always pleasant, helpful and professional. Greg Graves was always understanding, helpful and a good listener. I am very grateful that Dr. Sekhon was recommended to me. I am thankful for the restored function and use of my leg. I have shared my recommendation for him to several others who suffer back pain. Thank you to the team who made this somewhat daunting experience a good one.

Marie Sapp
June 3, 2018

It has been a long

It has been a long procedure. I am finally having some days without pain. My back is all healed now and I have physical therapy two days a week. The concern for my health and care were quite evident with Dr. Sekhon, Greg, and the staff at Nevada Neurosurgery. At the age of 85, and the mess my back was in, surgery was a challenge for everyone. Dr. Sekhon did a wonderful job, and I know that the continuous pain that I was in has come to an end. Thank you, Dr. Sekhon, Greg and your staff, for making my life livable again. Jo Ritter

Jo M Ritter
May 22, 2018

It has been an unusual

It has been an unusual surgery experience, but I am thankful that Dr. Sekhon was the surgeon. The staff are excellent. I am now in physical therapy and doing quite well. I would recommend Dr. Sekon any time I was asked,

Jo M Ritter
May 11, 2018

Dear Dr. Sekhon & Staff,After

Dear Dr. Sekhon & Staff,

After 11+ years of neck problems and with numerous attempts to fix it with PT, epidurals, chiropractic care and laser I chose to finally have ACDF and it’s the best medical decision I’ve ever made! No more pain and I feel like a new human being – THANK YOU!

Helena Frazier
Graphic Designer, Lake Tahoe
May 9, 2018

I visited two surgeons 8

I visited two surgeons 8 years ago but didn’t proceed since it was a major fusion surgery and I hoped the procedures would improve over time. I consulted two surgeons again in January 2016. Dr. Sekhon was clear and straightforward in his evaluation. He gave me a more conservative surgery option than the other surgeon I consulted. The surgery included a L4-L5 decompressive laminectomy, bilateral foraminotomies and posterior lumbar fusion. I always had some daily back pain plus my back would “go out” every couple months. The last few years I also had pain down my legs from my sciatic nerves. After the surgery, I had no pain down my legs and my previous aching back pain was gone. The pain from the surgery improved every week. As soon as I was released from the hospital, I was walking on my own and now at week seven of recovery, I walk and have started using an exercise bike every day. Dr Sekhon, his assistant Greg and staff always gave the care, concern and information I needed. I like to be active but always had my back pain limiting my activities. I recently retired and I know this surgery will help me continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. I am so glad Dr Sekhon was my surgeon. I believe selecting the right surgeon is key to back surgery and I would recommend Dr Sekhon to anyone.

Mary Beth Anderson
Reno, NV
April 30, 2018

Dr. Sekhon is a very

Dr. Sekhon is a very thorough Dr. He explains things that is easy to understand, with pictures and props if necessary to point out your problem. I fell comfortable with his decisions on how to deal with my back problem. Thank you Dr. Sekhon.

Leland Pratt

Leland Pratt
Reno, NV Cold Springs Area
April 24, 2018

Very Caring and professional.I wouldn’t

Very Caring and professional.
I wouldn’t hesitate if I should need his expertise in the future.

E Lamar Parker
Truckee, CA
April 23, 2018

In Dec. 2017 I experienced

In Dec. 2017 I experienced the worse back pain imaginable, I was in agony 24/7 and pain pills had little or no effect. I was going to the VA and they out sourced me to Dr. Sekhorn. Due to red tape at the VA I did not have surgery until March 7th. I was as low as you could be in pre-op thinking nothing could help. I spent a total of 28 hours in Renown Hospital and walked out the next day after surgery. It is now 7 weeks post-op and I am back to full time work and have no pain at all. Nothing short of a miracle, I shall be in Dr. Sekhon debt for ever.

Joseph Chiappetto
Sparks, Nevada