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For patients considering artificial cervical disk surgery, or for those desiring more information the following links will allow speedy navigation around this website:

When it is better to do a cervical fusion than an artificial disc (new)

Artificial Cervical Disc Placement- Background Information

Cervical Arthroplasty- General Review

2 Level Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement: Case Report

Press Report on 2 Artificial Disc Surgery

Orange County News Review on Cervical Artificial Disc Surgery

Reversal of Cervical Fusion Using An Artificial Disc Prosthesis

Lumbar Artificial Disc Surgery

Publication on Artificial Disc Surgery for Myelopathy

Follow-up Publication on Artificial Disc Surgery for Myelopathy

Publication on C7T1 Artificial Disc Placement Adjacent to a Fusion

Publication on Alignment and the Bryan Disc

Poster on Artificial Disc Surgery