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How to attach documents to the website e.g. to the “Forms” and the “Documents” Pages:

To attach a document for downloading, you have to be logged in the website on the front end.

At the botton right side of any page/article you will see an Attachments button. This is the button that you use for attaching documents for download.

  • To attach a document, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Attachments Button
  • An attachments window will open
  • Click on the “Files” button to attach documents
  • Click on “browse” to search for documents on your computer to upload.
  • Select a file and click on Choose & Upload
  • The file will be uploaded and will be available on the left side of the window.
  • Click on the “Back” button
  • Click on “Add new”
  • Fill out the form that comes up. File title, File description, File password (do not write anything so that anyone can download the document), Access level (choose “Public” so that it is available to all who visit the page.). For “Select file”, choose the file that you added.
  • Click on save (The file has been attached)
  • Click on Close.
  • Done, now anyone can download this document by visiting that page and clicking on the “Attachments” Link.

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