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Instructions on how to use your eNewsletter Account:

To login your eNewsletter Accont on BC Campaign, click on the “eNewsletter Account” link in the Admin Menu or go to https://campaign.boundarycross.com.

Your account username is “lali” and your password is “sekhon“. You can always change this information when you are logged in. There is a Help link on the top right corner when you are logged into you eNewsletter Account. You will find all you need to send newsletters, campaign emails and build a good email list of your patients, colleagues etc.

The advantage of using BC Campaign as opposed to other eNewsletter online softwares is that we only charge per recipient and a standard delivery fee. We do not charge per month and therefore it is cost effective for you. If you do not send any newsletter it costs you nothing and if you are sending to a few people you cost will be lower.


The rate is 1.6 cents/recipient plus a $8 USD delivery fee, and $8 USD for design and spam tests.