This blog is meant to be a simple guide for patients with spinal conditions to navigate spinal problems from symptoms, red flags to conservative therapies. Let’s start with an easy one. Low Back Pain (LBP).

LBP is one of the commonest conditions that we face. For the most of us it is transient and non-recurring or chronic.

The first stop in managing LBP should be avoiding provoking activities, NSAIDs (over the counter meds) and physical therapy. The last is crucial. It takes time. In general x-rays and MR scans are not needed for low back pain.

LBP can be caused by muscles, strain or so called myofascial pain, arthritic joints or worn out discs. Surgery is more hit than miss and expecting a surgical solution for LBP is probably expecting too much.

Getting back pain means your lifestyle needs to change. Lose weight, avoid bending, lifting and twisting and get your core strong!