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Submitting an Article:

To submit an article, click on the “Submit an Article” link on the Admin Menu. When you click on the link, an article submission form open for composing and submitting your article. The following information is needed on the form:

  • Title Form – Title of the Article
  • Article Text Box – This is where your article text will go

Under Publishing, you will have the following items:

  • Section and Category – Articles must go into a particular section and a particular category. I have created all the sections and categories corresponding to the website menus.
  • Published – If you want to publish the article immediately, choose yes for published. If you do not want to publish the article immediately, choose “no” and you can come back later to choose yes when you are ready to publish the article. * NOTE: Published, means that the article is live on your website on the section and category you choose and someone browsing the website can see the article. This happens immediately after you submit the article.
  • Show on Front Page – Do not choose “yes” for “show on front page” unless it is an article that you want to be on the front page. There should only be 1 or 2 articles on the front page and there already is so coose “No” for “show on front page”.
  • Author Ailas – You dont have to put an alias but you could do so. The article will be published with your username. For personal articles you can put your name and for official information articles you can use an alias such as “Business Name”
  • Start Publishing and Stop Publishing – Here is where you specify when the article will be published and when it will be unpublished. Choose a date to start publishing and a date to stop publishing. If it is a permanent article such as “about us” choose “never” for “finish publishing”.
  • Access Level, Public, Registered or Special. If it is a general article for anyone to read when they come to the website, use – “Public”. If it is a private article, use “Registered” or “Special”.
  • Ordering – Ordering determines where the article will be placed within the other articles in that category. You can leave the default.


  • Description – Describe what the article is about. Do not repeat words and make it short. This helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that search engines are able to search pages on your website.
  • Key Words – Write the key words of the article seperated by commas. Again do not repeat the words and write as many words as are relevant. There are already key words for the entire website that are automatically generated for each page so you can add only keywords that are unique to the article.