For thirteen years, I have been dealing with painful spinal issues. I met Dr.Sekhon, eight years ago, after the car I was in was rear-ended in an auto accident. Before that accident, I had undergone two previous spine surgeries.

Unfortunately during the last portion of 2018, painful spinal issues returned. I returned to Dr.Sekhon for an examination, and got a new diagnosis. Surgery was scheduled to repair the new spinal damage. It has been a pleasure to renew my former relationship with Dr.Sekhon, and meet his staff; all whom are very professional and are dedicated to the highest level of patient care, their main goal. The practice makes a patient feel truly cared about and cared for as a welcome guest.

Dr.Sekhon is a very experienced surgeon with a truly remarkable background. I instinctively knew I could completely trust and rely on his diagnosis, with confidence and the secure knowledge that the new surgery would be a total success; and it was. This wonderful doctor has a great bedside manner that aided in the healing process.

Until a person experiences spinal injures and surgery, the value of having a doctor and his staff, who are so knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and caring, cannot be understood or explained. Dr. Sekhon is a rock; he and his staff helped me get through a very tough situation. Doctor, I’ve been blessed to be in your very capable hands, thank you!


Philip H.

Reno, NV