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After treating with physical therapists and pain management docs for 15+ months at Spine Nevada for chronic lumbar spine issues, I was scheduled for a 5-level back surgery without ever being given the opportunity to meet my surgeon. I was told I would be able to “consult” with Dr. Lynch for the first time on the day of surgery during pre-op, which was unreasonable and unacceptable! Fortunately, I made the wise decision to cancel the surgery and get a second opinion.
I was thereafter referred to Dr. Lali Sekhon, MD, whom I researched online, and was pleased to discover he is widely respected as a brilliant spinal surgeon and educator. I was able to meet and consult with Dr. Sekhon personally within two days of calling his office. Having already carefully reviewed all of my records, Dr. Sekhon provided me with a comprehensive opinion concerning the medical options and potential outcomes. Dr. Sekhon thoroughly, and patiently, answered all of my questions, and with his caring demeanor, I immediately felt secure that I was in the best hands possible.
Dr. Sekhon performed my challenging spinal surgery, and after a 6-week recovery, I am virtually symptom and pain free for the first time since suffering serious back injuries in a 1992 rear-end car accident. Dr. Sekhon has given me my life back – no exaggeration!
I would recommend Dr. Sekhon and his knowledgeable staff to anyone, without hesitation.

Dana L. Thiesse