Dr. Sekhon and his staff are amazing. I had a s-4 s-5 laminectomy and discectomy. Who knew one of the United States top spine surgeons practiced in Reno? After spending almost a month in agony after re-injuring my back I’m now pain-free. Doctor Sekhon was very professional and showing me on my MRI what exactly my problem was and explaining how it could be fixed very simply. Even a non-professional like myself could understand what was going on on the MRI. After all this he asked if I had any questions I asked him how many times he’d done this surgery his answer was about 5000! I couldn’t think of any good questions after that… Have to comment about his anesthesiologist too on the day of surgery he came by to see me in pre-op. He clearly saw I was a little nervous about getting back surgery I mean who wouldn’t be? He said he would give me something to relax me he put something in my IV and the next thing I know I was waking up in post-op with the nurse saying it was all over! That’s how it should be done so you don’t have time to worry about stuff! Well done doc. Post-op instructions and visits were very well planned and clear instructions. If you have spine issues this is where you want to be. I went back to the VA after surgery and spoke to the patient advocate about my good experience and recommended that they send more people to Dr Sekhon. Submitted December 4, 2018 https://www.ratemds.com/doctors/2063718/dashboard/ratings/