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Dr. Sekhon gave me my life back. For that I will be eternally grateful. By the time I became a patient of his I was suffering from severe back disc and bone spur problems which had affected my mobility and quality of life to the point where I had none. I was also experiencing 24/7 nerve pain down my left leg that no pain medication could treat successfully. I could not walk, nor could I sit without being in pain.

I had been a new resident of Reno, NV, for only 1 week when my husband noticed how much pain I was in and placed a call to Dr. Sekhon’s office hoping for an appointment. His staff could not have been more professional – they got us in within a week. Dr. Sekhon promptly reviewed my medical records, assessed my condition and recommended surgery within a month, as it was the only alternative for relief given my condition. I had discectomy/laminectomy surgery, was home within 3 days and fully recovered with the help of Physical Therapy in 4 months. I’m a new person free of back pain. It is truly remarkable

Dr. Sekhon is an outstanding Physician, extremely knowledgeable in his field, and his Patient/Doctor protocol is excellent. I highly recommend that anyone with ailments such as mine seek his counsel for treatment. I could not be happier with the care he provided me, and I will continue to seek his guidance in the future if I have back problems.

Diedre Studholme