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Dr. Sekhon in my opinion is the best there is when it comes to back & neck issues. I originally was referred to Dr. Sekhon in 2010 when I had ruptured a disc in my neck. He sat down with me and explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions and together we decided for a discectomy and fusion. My husband had the same surgery years ago and the surgeon used a piece of bone from his hip, he still suffers from aches and pains years later, so this was a worry for me. Dr. Sekhon is up to date on all the new techniques and is minimally invasive as possible and was able to reassure me that I would not need this option. I had my surgery quickly and the relief was instant. I was able to go back to work at my office job within a week and healed amazingly fast. In 2014 I found myself with an injured back with no remedy from non surgical treatments. When my doctor asked me if I had a preference of doctors, I knew immediately that I needed to be under Dr. Sekhon’s care again. Surgery was needed and I was at ease knowing that I would be under the best care. I had a laminectomy done on my lower back and everything went as expected. I returned to work 2 weeks later and by my 12 week post op I was back to good again. I have to also mention Greg, who is the PA for Dr. Sekhon, who is also amazing at what he does and is always available to answer any questions and give advice. I work at a business where I get a lot of guest who are in town for medical reasons and if they are in need of a neck/back specialist, I always refer them to Dr. Sekhon and I even have family members who are now seeing him. I can’t thank your team enough for your professionalism, care and concern about my health.

Kelly Frerking