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Dr. Sekhon is fantastic. His staff is fantastic. I had other Doctors evaluate him prior to my surgery and he has a fantastic record and reputation.On my first visit, he was prepared and had printed out a packet of information on my condition and recommended surgery as there was no other course of action to be taken. I felt relief from my symptoms immediately after I woke up in the recovery room. Don’t get me wrong, I was in pain from the surgery, but I could tell that I had my left arm and left leg back.As of this date, 11/7/14, I’m just 10 days short of 2 months since my surgery. I have just been cleared to resume my normal life. To get back to running and exercise! I am grateful to Dr. Sekhon and his entire team for giving my life back, with 100% use of my left leg and arm, PAIN and SYMPTOM FREE! I recommend Dr. Sekhon and his team without reservation!!!

Mark R. Morrow