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Dr. Sekhon is the most kind, patient, caring Doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He takes his time with you and speaks to you in a way that you can understand. He’s very conservative in his approach and is not “surgery happy” like other physicians in his field. Let’s face it, these specialists don’t make their money on office visits….surgeries pay. Dr Sekhon is not the type of physician to give you pain pills and hope you feel better. He wants you to get better! He wants to help manage your pain but he wants you to participate in your recovery as well. You need to do exercises that will help your condition and he provides all the resources you need to do that. Dr. Sekhon did a 5- level cervical fusion on me just 2 months ago and I am hiking and working out at the gym again. If you truly want to get better, then Dr. Sekhon is the spine surgeon for you. He is absolutely brilliant and gifted at what he does and his office staff are all kind, caring and professional. Thank you Dr Sekhon and staff for your wonderful care!!

Kellie Flynn