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Dr. Sekhon saw me after I broke my neck Snowboarding in Mammoth, CA. They air lifted me to Reno to have surgery done by Dr. Sekhon. My first surgery was 8 hours after my injury. I ruptured my c5 and split my c6 in half. They had to go in and pull some pieces of bone out of my spinal cord.
I am a 24 year old, very active male. I surf, snowboard, and workout daily. Dr. Sekhon promised me I would be able to do all three again when I was done with my surgery. It has been two months since my surgery and I am thankful for this man everyday of my life. He is most likely the reason I am walking today.
Being in the hospital the first night alone was one of the scariest , loneliest, nights of my life. Everyone in the ICU was AMAZING and made sure I had everything I needed. Dr. Sekhon, and the whole staff at the hospital in Reno, thank you for everything!

Trevor Howard