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During physical therapy post full hip replacement, I had continuous pain that would not abate. my therapist concluded after repeated attempts to solve my discomfort that my hip was not the source of the pain but rather my spine and identified the cause as L2/L3. Joel Peck(my P/T) suggested I contact Dr.Sekhon,as he had patients from Dr. Sekhon and told me Dr. Sekhon was the best. My visits prior to determaining that surgery was the only option left, Dr. Sekhon and his staff(Curt/Eric) tried the options available to reduce/end my pain. Prior to surgery, Dr. Sekhon explained in detail exactly what the surgery would entail, the rehab, percent of success of the surgery and the time required to rehab and return to my “normal”life.The day after surgery(11/18/15) I was up and walking the halls with absolutely NO PAIN!!!, needless to say I was beyond happy.
Dr. Sekhon and his staff are without a doubt, the most skilled, professional, caring and concerned group I have ever had the pleasure of being treated.As of 02/11/16, my brace came off, the x-rays showed all was solid and I will begin physical therapy within a couple of day.
I have told others I know with spine/back issues, Dr. Sekhon and staff are the only ones to see.
Thank you Dr. Sekhon, Curt and Greg for all you have done, words cannot express the appreciate I have.
Ed Cohen

Edward Cohen