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From the moment I was referred to Dr.Sekhon, he and his office staff were exceptional. Allison, his scheduler, responded quickly by phone and email. Dr.Sekhon spent 45 minutes with my husband and I at our initial consultation, and his calm demeanor put me at ease immediately. He erased my fears and showed great confidence in his ability to help me ( confidence is different than arrogance!). I decided to schedule the spinal fusion after years of failed attempts at other therapies. His two PAs are just phenomenal. Curt responds within just a few hours of calls or emails. My visits with him have been thorough. He even came to see me in the hospital, even though he wasn’t in my surgery. Greg, the PA who was in my surgery, was extremely attentive to my needs. He came to see my 5 times in my two day hospital stay. He called when he said he would call me after I went home. Dr. Sekhon and his team visited me over 8 times in two days following my surgery- that’s the ultimate in patient care! I had zero complications, so I would imagine that if I did, they would have come more frequently. I am now 11 weeks post-op, and I could not be more pleased with the results of Dr. Sekhon’s surgery. I went back to work at 9 weeks (I’m a teacher), and it was perfect timing. I trusted Dr. Sekhon from the moment I met him. I saw another spinal practice before Dr. Sekhon, and I am so glad I decided on Dr. Sekhon. He will be honest with you, give you all your options, help you think about potential issues in the future with each option, and allow you time and space to make your decision. Dr. Sekhon is very conservative in his approach. I felt he, and his staff, truly cared about me and the surgical outcomes. You owe it to yourself to go to the best neurosurgeon in Reno.

Leigh L.