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I am a 61 year old athlete and I suffered with sever stenosis and spinal nerve impingement for the last 8-10 years. Being am an avid outdoor enthusiast who LOVES skiing, hiking and Mt Biking, then having to stop all of these sports because of the severe pain in both legs and constant cramps in my hamstrings and calf’s. I was devastated and mentally depressed. I literally could not walk over 100 yards without having to stop…the daily pain became unbearable. Huge doses of pain meds was not an option for me.
The L3-L4-L5-S1 laminectomy preformed by this skillful surgeon gave me back my life, literally. The same day of surgery, I instantly felt the pain relief and the complete elimination of all my leg muscle cramps.
Since my surgery (16 days ago) I have walked pain free for over 40 miles, started my P.T. and now enjoy light gym workouts. I expect a FULL recovery in the next 3-4 week and an awesome much more active life again. The professionalism of his staff and follow-up was impeccable.
I strongly recommend Dr. Sekhon to anyone in need of a Neurosurgeon, my only regret was waiting too long to make my decision to have surgery….Tahoe Joe

Joe Padilla