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I consider myself to be fortunate to be a past and current patient of Dr. Sekhon’s. Dr. Sekhon is extremely knowledgeable in his field of medicine. I appreciate that as my doctor he goes over my physical complaint- and then my tests and films explaining very carefully what my condition is and what my options are each time I see him. Dr. Sekhon’s conservative approach is very important to me – and yet I also value when he says “it needs to be fixed” and this is how we will do it.
Having everything explained and reviewed is very important to allow me to be involved in my own healthcare. During my last two visits I felt that after a review and repeat of my options that I was given time to ask questions and I feel that I have some options at this time.
Again, I feel very fortunate to be a patient of such an experienced and knowledgeable Doctor.

Totsy Beck