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I had a lumbar spinal fusion, and it is now 5 months post-op. My pain level is virtually non-existent, I have gotten back to many of the activities I enjoyed before the pain set in, and I feel joy once again. From the moment I met Dr. Sekhon, I knew I found the perfect surgeon for me. He spent 45 minutes with my husband and I during my initial consult. He is extremely compassionate, thoughtful, and confident in how he can help his patients and their caregivers. Never did I feel a sense of arrogance that many surgeons have, and never did I feel unsure of his surgical abilities. I felt as if he truly cared about restoring my quality of life. Dr. Sekhon, Greg (PA), and Curt (PA) came to see me a total of 8 times in the two day hospital stay- amazing patient care and follow up. Greg came by and called when he said he would, and Curt has taken care of me since I returned home. He is a very genuine person who listens to me, and he responds quickly through the portal or a phone call. Allison, the scheduler, was extremely helpful in advising me of all the things needed before the surgery, and she was always quick to answer an email or phone call. Each visit to Dr. Sekhon’s office was smooth, no long wait times, yet I never felt rushed by anyone. I didn’t think it was possible to have such an amazing surgical experience, but I found it with Dr. Sekhon and his team.

Leigh Little