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I had already spoken to several surgeons before I saw Dr. Sekhon. I was looking for a surgeon with great references and copious experience with cervical artificial disc replacement. Dr. Sekhon met these requirements. He came highly recommended by staff at a facility where he trained and by a another respected academic spine surgeon.I had my initial consultation with him just 2 days after I called to make an appointment. At that visit, he explained to me the pros and cons of all my options, including fusion instead of artificial disc. He spent over 1 hour doing this in an unbiased and easy to follow presentation that confirmed everything I already knew. His engaging and personable bedside manner was terrific and I quickly felt comfortable with him. When I decided a day later on a Friday to go forward with artificial disc replacement, he had me in the operating room the following Tuesday. That’s not bad for an elective surgery.Dr. Sekhon is clearly comfortable with artificial disc replacement surgery. He showed attention to detail in getting my spine decompressed and making sure I had an ideal fit with the disc device. The operation occurred without incident.In the recovery phase, he and his office staff have been quick and courteous about responding to all of my needs. My emails never went unanswered and I usually had a reply within an hour or two. I hope they to continue to provide such excellent service to others in the future.

Mr. KN