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I had been having sever pain from a bulge in my L5S1 for years and was given pain management by a previous doctor the entire time without pushing the severity of my condition I had to reach out for myself. Upon research in the healthcare community which I work I heard nothing but great outcomes and wonderful comments about Dr. Sehkon. His office has been very efficient and the staff is all very nice. I contacted his office the middle of November and was able to get an appointment within a month. I met the doctor and his PA on December 19th and they were straight to the point and answered all questions which I appreciated very much. I’m not one for fluff, neither are they. They know what they are doing and take conservative routes first if they can, all approached with compassion. I had a microdiskectomy scheduled for December 23rd after letting them know I was hoping to get to in before the end of the year for my insurance deductibles. They were completely understanding. I am 3 weeks out from surgery and feel amazing. I couldn’t be happier with a small scar and wonderful follow up. I recommend this office and this doctor for and back and spine problems to everyone!

Robin D.