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I had Neck and shoulder pain for years which has been cured after 6 week after operation. I had 5 cervical vertebrae fused and titanium wires and screws put into cervical area . This straightened out a very crooked neck with a pinched spinal cord and herniated disc .Dr Sekhon was a wonderful surgeon who let me know what I was in for before I signed up for the surgery. I also interviewed 2 other surgeons but picked Dr Sekhon because of the number of these surgeries he had already done with great success. He was personable , informative, answered all questions and looking at x rays post op I can tell that he really straighten out my neck. My wife says my posture is better and that I got taller. I am now walking 5-7 miles per day and sleeping better and original pain is completely gone. I am going back to teaching skiing in 6 more weeks and just thank God for the doctors skill and the professionalism of his whole staff.

Ted Bandaruk