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I have had back and neck problems for the last 13 years seeing several neurosurgeons throughout the years. Within the last two years my fingers and arms started having a numbness/tingling in them. When it finally came down to being told that I had to have my neck operated on (C4-C7 fusion) this year, I was scared to death to have it done so I decided to have 3 opinions. Fortunately for me Dr. Sekhon came highly recommended. Dr. Sekhon and his PA Greg saw me within days of seeing my MRI’s/reports, they answered all my questions, concerns, were exceptionally kind, truly cared about me as a patient & never rushed through my appointments. Dr. Sekhon and Greg along with the staff were by far the most caring. I had my surgery in May, the fusion took very nicely and although I’m still healing and going to physical therapy I can’t even say enough good about how pleased I am that I chose Dr Sekhon. A huge thank you to Dr. Sekhon, Greg & the staff for being so caring.