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I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Sekhon and all of his staff. When you have reached my age, you may have had several different kinds of surgery during your life, as I have had. I have had top notch surgeons for them, but I firmly believe that my experience with Dr. Sekhon and his staff is the best it could ever be. Dr. Sekhon performed a C7-T1 cervical fusion which completely relieved the excruciating pain and weakness in my right arm and six weeks post op I am ready to begin physical therapy and am on my way to being the active person I have always been. His surgical skills are the reason. He is everything anyone could want in a surgeon.
I would also like to praise Greg Graves PA for his kind, informative and caring expertise. I am a retired health care professional, and know what I am talking about when I say Greg is not only knowledgeable but has the ability to instill confidence in his patients and let them know he truly cares about them.

Thurma Livingston-Morrison