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I saw Dr. Sekhon as a referral from another physician who was treating me for back and spinal issues after seeing that I was now having structural deformities and my situation was more than just pain management. That physician told me that he would only refer his patients to Dr. Sekhon and no other neurosurgeon in the area. He also said that if he had to have back surgery that Dr. Sekhon would be the only one he would go to for the surgery.
After my MRI was submitted to Dr. Sekhon and reviewed I was called by his office to set up an appointment. His appointments were booked about 2 months out at the time so I made an appointment. I was called right before Christmas and told that there was a cancellation and asked if I could come in the next day, which I did. Dr. Sekhon showed me the MRI and how three of my discs were crushing my spinal column. He told me that unless I had the surgery soon that the nerves would die and I would suffer paralysis. He was very good in explaining everything that would happen during the surgery and post-op recovery and physical therapy afterwards. His explanations were so thorough that I had no questions to ask. I then called the next day to schedule surgery which was set for 4 weeks in the future.
The surgery was performed as scheduled. When I woke up in the recovery room most of my back and leg pain was already gone and some of the structural issues were already being resolved. He visited me twice in the hospital and explained what happened during surgery and assessed my current condition.
I was then set up with follow up appointments about 6 weeks apart to assess the status of my recovery and was put on a physical therapy program. I was also taken off all of the drugs that I had been taking for years as I no longer needed them. I no longer have any back pain or leg pain and the physical therapy is now restoring my functions that had been severely impeded in the 4+ years before my surgery.
I would strongly encourage anyone seeking neurosurgery to see Dr. Sekhon first before getting a second opinion. In retrospect, I should have seen Dr. Sekhon earlier and could have relieved a lot of pain and suffering that I needlessly endured for over 4 years.