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I visited two surgeons 8 years ago but didn’t proceed since it was a major fusion surgery and I hoped the procedures would improve over time. I consulted two surgeons again in January 2016. Dr. Sekhon was clear and straightforward in his evaluation. He gave me a more conservative surgery option than the other surgeon I consulted. The surgery included a L4-L5 decompressive laminectomy, bilateral foraminotomies and posterior lumbar fusion. I always had some daily back pain plus my back would “go out” every couple months. The last few years I also had pain down my legs from my sciatic nerves. After the surgery, I had no pain down my legs and my previous aching back pain was gone. The pain from the surgery improved every week. As soon as I was released from the hospital, I was walking on my own and now at week seven of recovery, I walk and have started using an exercise bike every day. Dr Sekhon, his assistant Greg and staff always gave the care, concern and information I needed. I like to be active but always had my back pain limiting my activities. I recently retired and I know this surgery will help me continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. I am so glad Dr Sekhon was my surgeon. I believe selecting the right surgeon is key to back surgery and I would recommend Dr Sekhon to anyone.

Mary Beth Anderson