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I wanted to wait a full year before my testimonial because my two previous surgeries failed within a years period. My previous surgeries were performed by a popular non evasive surgeon in RENO NV. He put in a ILIF that he is big on come to find out no one uses those anymore. Dr Sekhon looked at my MRI and could tell exactly where this Doctor had been hacking. Dr. Sekhon advised me what I needed and what my limitations would be and what I could and couldn’t do and also my options. There was no pressure and the decision was totally up to me. I elected to go with the surgery and am I ever glad I did. After surgery i was pain free and have remained pain free. In fact I have not felt this good in many years and i have to constantly remind myself not to do certain things because there is no pain to remind me. He removed the ILIF and performed a four level fusion. He came to my room the next day to see how I was doing with his assistant. I never saw the previous surgeon even after four office visits. His office continued to check up on me while in the hospital. And when it came time to check out he made sure i was released promptly by calling the nurses, unheard of with my experiences. My only regret is that I didn’t see him first. I am very grateful and fortunate that he was in my area to perform the surgery. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Steve Brown