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I was already scheduled for cervical surgery before I found Dr. Sekhon. Due to the region of surgery, I contacted several doctor friends, PT facilities, and personal research on orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons in Northern California. Dr. Sekhon’s name came up several times. After reading several independent articles on Dr. Sekhon, I made an appointment to see (interview) him. He was extremely professional, demonstrated a sincere interest in my situation, was honest about my expectations of success AND what might not work. Additionally, his staff was responsive. I ended up cancelling my surgery with another doctor and went with Dr. Sekhon.
Dr. Sekhon was able to heal my situation and the facility, Northern Nevada Medical Center were fantastic.
I have had over 15 surgeries in my life so I feel somewhat “experienced” with doctors. I would rank Dr. Sekhon as one of the best I have experienced. I would highly recommend speaking with Dr. Sekhon and assess him and his staff for yourself.

John Gomez