I was referred to Dr. Sekhon by another pain specialist in town. My pain specialist had tried all of the prescribed conservative treatments and none of them had any effect on the debilitating pain I was suffering. My symptoms progressed amazingly fast. I went from having some trouble walking to not being able to walk, sit or stand in a matter of about 3 weeks. For all intents and purposes I was crippled. Dr. Sekhon saw immediately that I was a candidate for surgery. The hope he gave me was the first hope I had experienced in a long time. When I was finished with my surgery I was able to walk from the gurney to the hospital bed without any pain at all. I suffered some complications, one of which required a second surgery (I think I did something stupid during my recovery) and one of which required bed rest for a week or so. That, however, was just the beginning. I needed frequent consultations about my problems with the physician’s assistant (Dr. Erickson) and the promptness of his responses and the care he demonstrated were unbelievable. I rarely had to wait more than 5 minutes for a response from Dr. Erickson when I called and when I spoke to him I felt that he really cared about me and my troubles. Dr. Sekhon is a great surgeon, but that is just part of the story. His people clearly pride themselves itself on providing top notch post-op care to their patients, even if the care is needed in the evening or the weekend. I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with Dr. Sekhon and Nevada Neurosurgery. If you are experiencing leg or back pain do not hesitate to schedule and appointment with this office.

John F. Murtha