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I would like to thank Dr Sekhon and his entire staff for the GREAT job they did educating, advise, and treat me from the beginning to the end. I had 3 Cervical discs fused 7 weeks ago and feel almost as good as new. This is my second surgery done by Dr Sekhon and his staff. Two years ago Dr Sekhon and his PA Lisa preformed 3 Laminectomy on my lower back. Then, I walked into his office with a cane and after surgery I no longer need the cane. Before my neck surgery I couldn’t raise my left arm above my shoulder with out agonizing pain. I am now pretty much pain free and therapy will take care of that. Both times I traveled from Alaska to have Dr Sekhon’s team do the surgery as I was so comfortable with him & his staff. If I need further spine care I will not hesitate to see Dr Sekhon again. I highly recommend Dr Sekhon his staff and surgical team if you need spine surgery.


Mr. JG