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I’m not one to do testimonials, typically, but I was very impressed with my experience at Sierra Neurosurgery, and Dr Sekhon in particular.
I fell and injured my spinal cord at work, and my ability to walk, stand balanced and move around were rapidly diminishing. Day, by day my symptoms were getting worse. During my first visit with Dr. Sekhon, he reassured me that he was going to fix the problem. I had some doubt but my fears and concerns were put to rest by his professionalism and confidence. I was ready for surgery. From that first appt on everything moved very rapidly. My pre-op work, MRI’s and preparation happened very quickly. I was ready to move forward.
My surgery was about 12 weeks ago. My experience at the hospital as well as subsequent visits to Sierra Neurosurgery have been excellent. Curt in the office as well as Dr Sekhon are very attentive, concerned and professional. I am extremely grateful to them and their staff.
I still have a few symptoms, but day by day I am progressing and I am looking forward to a complete recovery. Something I wouldn’t have thought possible just a short time ago.