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In September of 2016 Dr. Sekhon did an Anterior Cervical Decompression with Fusion at C5-C7. Then in April of 2017 Dr. Sekhon also did a Semi Hemispherical Laminectomy with Microdiscectomy at L5-S1. While I am still healing, I can say that there was immediate relief of pain with both surgeries. The post-op pain was fairly minimal all things considered, easily manageable with the prescribed medication. While not important to me personally, the scarring from the neck surgery is barely noticeable and I suspect after some time will become even less so. It is too soon to tell how the back incision will heal, but I do have a tattoo that had to be cut in order to perform the surgery and Dr. Sekhon definitely took the time to line everything back up to make it look as inconspicuous as possible. Curt Erikson PA-C, one of Dr. Sekhon’s assistants, is a great help, and always takes the time to cover any additional concerns or questions that you may have. Greg Graves PA is also very quick to respond. The entire office staff, from scheduling to admission and billing are always extremely polite, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Nevada Neurosurgery and Dr. Sekhon. I would also like to thank Allison, Tiffany, Jennifer and all the rest of the office staff that I may and probably have forgotten. I believe that the dedication, training and commitment to excellence shine bright with this team and I will always remember how great my experience with them has been. There is no doubt that if I have another injury requiring surgery, I will be praying it is one Dr. Sekhon and his team can do.

Nicholas Schunke