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My name is Russell and I was referred to Dr. Lali Sekhon, M.D. because of a severe narrowing of my spinal canal due to spurs in my neck. My left hand was curling and I was loosing it’s use. I was unable to lift my right foot and had been getting a sore similar to a boil every winter on the knuckle of little toe on my left foot for over 8 years.
When I first visited Nevada Neurosurgery, I already knew I had to have surgery because of the severity of the narrowing on my spine and had no idea if it would fix any of my problems. I did know that there was a very good chance of paralysis if I fell wrong and I did trip all the time.

Dr. Sekhon and his associate Lisa Hertz went over my reports and films with me, did their examination, explained and showed us what the procedures and risks there were, with and without the surgery and I felt comfortable in their skills and the confidence they projected. They did not let me down.

I had a Lami/Fusion from C-1 through T-1 (my spinal canal had narrowed down to 7mm) on November 10, 2010 at Renown Hospital in Reno, Nevada. As far as I amconcerned the surgery was more than successful. Dr. Sekhon and Lisa Herz preformed the surgery and I could not have had better.

There is no pain now and I only had to take pain medication for 13 days before I stopped and felt comfortable. I can now wear a shoe on my left foot again and can lift my right foot again to a certain degree. The Neurological staff at Renown Hospital are professionals and compassionate to their patients and I recommend all of them. My neck moves better than it did an I do not even notice having the surgery done.

Thank you again,

Russell Stoermer and family

Russell Stoermer