On my initial visit to Dr Sekhon for a fractured vertebra I was seen promptly at my scheduled time. I was seen first by P.A. Greg and then by Greg and Dr. Sekhon. Both seemed to be thoroughly familiar with my situation from a detailed review of all of the information I had provided including the nature of my injury, MRIs and X-rays, and other tests and their results. They each listened intently to my description of current pain symptoms and then completed a test of my leg strength and sensitivity, etc. Dr. Sekhon then described my surgical options including risks and recovery times but stated that at this time he would not recommend surgery (barring further deterioration) since my vertebra fracture appeared to have stabilized. Instead he ordered additional MRIs, and prescribed aquatic therapy, to be possibly followed by lumbar ablation after my next visit for my lower back pain. Both men had great bedside manners and made me feel I was in good hands.

Ken A.