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Recently, I had a spinal surgery performed by Dr. Sekhon. Because of my experiences with his practice prior to the surgery, on the day of surgery, during the aftercare and then follow-up, I can honestly say that he is elite among his peers in every way!
On my 2nd appointment with his practice, I met with Dr. Sekhon. I found that he had prepared for my appointment by being familiar with my case already. No time was wasted! He presented me with a packet of info that was specific to my situation, and he very patiently and thoroughly went through the packet, teaching me what I should know in order to make a decision for my health care. That was a very unique and much appreciated experience! Every appointment at Dr. Sekhon’s practice was like this, whether I met with Dr. Sekhon or his P.A.s Greg and Curt. It’s evident that patient education and the ‘doctor to patient communication’ is a priority at the practice and I can testify that it is excellent!
Dr. Sekhon and his staff completely prepared me for my surgery and made all the arrangements so that everything went smoothly and professionally! He gave me the impression that he actually wanted to help me and was actually interested in doing my surgery. Because of this I really was confident in Dr. Sekhon on the day of surgery and was not disappointed! My surgery was a complete success!

Karen Cox