Simply put; Dr. Sekhon is probably one of the best neurosurgeons in Reno.

I have had neck pain with numbness for the past few years. I have tried countless injections, months of physical therapy, and various other modalities. Once I felt like I was about to cross the bridge and consider opiates to treat the pain, I started to go neurosurgeon shopping.

I saw a total of three neurosurgeons before deciding on Dr. Sekhon. The first two I saw didn’t really perform much of an assessment, barely listened, and frankly spoke to me like I was a “dumb” 25 year old. I am a paramedic, so I would like to assume that I am not as dumb as most of my generation.

My first visit with Dr. Sekhon and Curt was pretty simple and straight forward. They reviewed my MRI and my symptoms, and then something crazy happened. They actually performed a complete neuro-exam! They explained my options, they didn’t talk down to me.

I decided on surgery since it appeared that I exhausted all of my options. It was pretty apparent the level of professionalism and genuine kindness that Dr. Sekhon expects from everyone in his office. From scheduling my consult to scheduling surgery, everyone took the time to explain everything that was needed to be done, and answered all of my questions no matter how silly they were.

My pre-op appointment was the night before, and Curt went over every sentence in the consent paperwork as well as walking me through the initial 24 hours post surgery. I spent probably an hour with him.

The morning of surgery, I checked into RRMC and they did the usual “show up three hours before, and sit around on a bed waiting for us to complete 15 minutes worth of work to get you ready for surgery.”

Here’s the weirdest part though. When I went back to the OR, I didn’t have any pre-op sedation. I was somewhat nervous, considering it was spine surgery, and I was on the other side of things. Dr. Sekhon, Greg, the RN, and some random med student actually took the time and talked with me knowing full well how nervous I was. Once the anesthesiologist arrived I was pretty much out in 30 seconds with a tube down my throat.

I woke up in Recovery and it was pretty uneventful besides the nurse allowing me to make phone calls. The floor was pretty laid back too. Most patients get private rooms on Sierra 1, so you don’t have to worry about a roommate that smells of old feet.

Right now I am on Post Op day 4 and I am not on any pain medications and I probably will be going back to work in 11 days.

Although Dr. Sekhon has horrible taste in hockey, he is a pretty good neurosurgeon who actually takes the time and effort to actually listen.

Nathan M.
Spanish Springs, NV