Simply THE BEST! Dr. Sekhon did surgery on my back after i broke it in a freak accident. ( trying to pull a 130 lb bail of hay up in to my truck bed. My body was at a weird angle,so when i pulled,heard 2 loud pops.down I went for about 15 minutes. Once I could walk,drove home. Figured I was ok. By that night, was pretty sore. Was telling friends on Fb what happened,many said I needed to go to ER. as i have a neurological disease & they were worried. One actually called the ambulance that took me. That is when i met Dr Sekhon. Because of the neuro disease and dystonia, he wanted to be as conservative as possible. What ever he did, it has held up well and only this past year have I started to have much more pain. might be time to go see him again. such a great Dr! Such a great ,friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Mimi, July 18, 2020