This very knowledgeable Doctor and his team are truly awesome; others’ comments below concerning the same are highly accurate. About 5 years ago had two collapsed disks in my neck (old series of injuries) aggravated by a last-straw fall. Left arm and shoulder pain were untouchable by heavy meds or physical therapy. Lali believes in being informative, very conservative and non-invasive; surgery being only as a last resort. In my case, there was not an option and needed it done as soon as scheduling permitted. 2nd day after the surgery my wife felt the need to yell at me because I was not following post-op orders; I felt no pain. 5+ years in and still doing great. The metal plate/screws in my neck do not even set off the TSA metal scanners. Bonus round 🙂 If I ever have need to be back in a doctors’ and his terrific teams’ care for anything having to do with nero/spine, my big hope is that Lali is still here in Reno, and continuing to practice. To Lali: Thank you for deciding to take up medicine. Reno is very lucky to have you!
Submitted November 28, 2018