What a great Doctor! I appreciate that Dr. Sekhon has a very conservative approach about suggesting what the right path of therapy should be for me, he makes sure that on rocks are overturned before moving forward. I knew that I was placing my health in the right hands to trust with my Spine/neck fusion of disc surgery. In January of 2020, I went ahead with the surgery, and I was in the hospital for one day, and I have no pain in my neck or spinal region since. For the following two weeks that I was off work, but I was able to sleep for 10-12 hours a night and get out and walk trails again for the first time in over a year. Life is getting back to normal again and with no pain! I am truly grateful that Dr. Sekhon has developed and surrounded himself with a great team, from his PA Gregory Graves, his whole office staff and the surgical staff that monitored all my vitals and nerve tests during my surgery. I want to thank you each member of his staff for helping me in my quick recovery! Many thanks…. Mary Reno NV
May 2020