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I had a four level

I had a four level laminectomy operation with Dr. Seckhon. He was the only surgeon that suggested something different than a fusion, which I was very afraid of. Everything went absolutely well, it solved all my problems and I’m back almost at the same level I was years ago before the start of my problems.
Dr. Sekhon is very, very capable, he is a kind person and explained everything very well before and after the surgery. I really appreciated his professionalism.

Max Ravazzolo

If I ever need a neurosurgeon again. This is the only place I’ll go.

I’m still healing from my surgery. About 9 months post op. My pain levels went from completely unbearable to easily manageable without medication within a few weeks. Arm, shoulder, and back pain were all gone almost immediately. My neck still bothers me and probably will forever. Not only was the surgeon amazing but his staff is amazing as well. It’s been 9 months and I still owe money but they are always kind and understanding with me. I will get them paid off soon. If I ever need a neurosurgeon again. This is the only place I’ll go.
May 2020

What a great Doctor!

What a great Doctor! I appreciate that Dr. Sekhon has a very conservative approach about suggesting what the right path of therapy should be for me, he makes sure that on rocks are overturned before moving forward. I knew that I was placing my health in the right hands to trust with my Spine/neck fusion of disc surgery. In January of 2020, I went ahead with the surgery, and I was in the hospital for one day, and I have no pain in my neck or spinal region since. For the following two weeks that I was off work, but I was able to sleep for 10-12 hours a night and get out and walk trails again for the first time in over a year. Life is getting back to normal again and with no pain! I am truly grateful that Dr. Sekhon has developed and surrounded himself with a great team, from his PA Gregory Graves, his whole office staff and the surgical staff that monitored all my vitals and nerve tests during my surgery. I want to thank you each member of his staff for helping me in my quick recovery! Many thanks…. Mary Reno NV
May 2020


“Another year come and gone!
I cannot put into words how grateful I am for you, Dr. Sekhon, and the whole team in Reno who took care of me.
Since I last saw you in Reno, I have moved to Hawaii with my girlfriend. I am actively surfing, biking, diving, hiking, and doing all of the things I love on a daily basis due to you and your team.
Today is always a humbling day for me to reflect on how lucky I am.
One day in the future I plan on starting a non profit for spinal cord injury victims. I am still unclear on my full mission but, I have something burning inside me to help others. I started to volunteer with https://www.accessurf.org/ as often as I can, and while they don’t specialize in spinal cord injuries they help empower people with disabilities through accessible beach and water programs. I am hoping to create something like this so I can put smiles on peoples faces daily.
Again, thank you SO much for being complete badasses and taking care of me. You truly gave me a second chance at life and I don’t plan on wasting it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
If you or any of your team are ever in Hawaii give me a shout! I’d be more than happy to play tour guide or give a few good recommendations.”
– Trevor


Mar 5, 2020
I am a physician myself. Dr Sekhon has operated my spine twice in the last four years. He is a consummate professional and an outstanding surgeon. I have had excellent results. His team is very attentive. I would strongly recommend Dr Sekhon and his team at ROC to anybody who needs his highly skilled professional services.

Dr Sekhon and his staff show kindness and compassio…

Dr Sekhon and his staff show kindness and compassion in their interaction with patients. Dr. Sekhon took the time to carefully evaluate my medical situation. I highly recommend him.

Jan Zebrack

March 3, 2020

After being diagnosed with stenosis

After being diagnosed with stenosis at L4-L5 that was impacting my everyday activities, I sought out Dr. Sekhon for treatment options. He described the range of possibilities clearly and completely, including the surgery (laminectomy) that he thought most likely to produce improvement, and which we ultimately selected. Dr. Sekhon inspired confidence, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism at all times – as did his support staff. I can recommend him heartily, and without hesitation, on every count. Feb, 2020

Gene Dahl

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sekhon for several years,

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sekhon for several years, he’s very good! Tell’s you exactly what’s going on with your body, and all options available to improve your health!
Gary Roma – Jan 31, 2020